Sunday, December 23, 2012


My poor, poor, neglected little blog... I feel like this time of year is always such a whirlwind that a lot of things get put blog was one of them...

Anyway, since my last post so much has happened in this crazy country of ours...first Hurricane Sandy, as posted below, which we are still very much recovering from here in NJ, not me personally but the coast, including New York and other parts here on the East side--which after the recent heavy rains have been re-flooding, so please if you haven't already, any contributions, monetary or otherwise, helps greatly.

Then after hearing of that disaster, came more heartache of the school shooting in CT---for this I have no words except to say that I am still praying and will continue to pray for those families...that type of tragedy is, well, like I said I have no words for this, heartache is all I can use to describe that.

I feel like the 12/21/12 and the prediction of the Mayans was describing much more of a change in ourselves as individuals, as well as a country and the whole world. I think this new year should be a time of reflection: of our behaviors towards one another, our thoughts, our words, our intentions and goals. I think it needs to start with the individual---because with the kindness of one person to another it can create an effect like waves in an ocean. That ripple effect can allow us as people, as a country and as a world to start a great change and one that I think is VERY much needed--one of LOVE and NONVIOLENCE. We are all here for a short time...why not do GOOD.

It seems small and perhaps insignificant but even a smile at a stranger can create joy in that stranger's heart enough for that one person to then smile at someone else and so on and so on--giving us hope in the good of other's as opposed to the acceptance we have of indifference or of people that are unkind.

I am now going to create a list, which I will add to throughout the year, of things I can do to help to create such a change.

My dear friend, Christie, has always mentioned small acts of kindness, I know it's a widely known thing but not so many people do it. She would talk about her aunt who used to pay for coffee for people in the line behind here at a coffee shop. I buy coffee everyday so I this is definitely going on the list---small and simple. So that's the start...

1-buy a cup of coffee for someone in the line behind me.
2-compliment a stranger.
3-send a care package to our troops
4-care package to animal shelter
5-care package to a number of shelters for other people-children, women, families etc.
6-do my best to continue to inspire my kids at work to believe in themselves and also to practice acts of love and peace.
7-read to elderly people in nursing homes that enjoy being read to, this is a tough one for me because I always think of my grandfather who I lost last January but I will just  be reminding myself that I am helping others and hopefully making their day brighter.
8-donate time in the local soup kitchen
9-donate time in an animal shelter
10-volunteer at local libraries (this is kind of for me too haha--I love libraries).

Like I said I will continue to add to this...but I hope it inspires you and those you know to do this and we can create a nice, positive, change and turn all this negative into something better. We cannot erase what's already happened but we can restore hope for the future.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Nothing quite like destruction to bring together communities, family and friends. Hurricane Sandy hit this past weekend and until now, I haven't been able to post anything due to power outages in my hometown. My job closed for two days (we NEVER close unless it's a major holiday) and many, many, MANY people are still without power and worse--their home.    
It has also been noted, the worst thing of all, the incredibly sad news of 50 people who have died from this hurricane's brutality.
Words can't describe the awful pictures posted lately on Facebook, news websites and tv stations. It completely puts things into perspective when you think of the normal worries of our day to day---it's absolutely nothing compared to the loss of these people.

Mel Evans/AP
I just wanted to share some of these pictures posted by NPR's website, in hopes that if you're reading this you will think about contacting the Red Cross or other organizations that can help the East Coast rebuild and repair, as there is still so much flooding and water in so many and literally under water and homes have four ft. of water or please help! You never know when something so unimaginably devastating can happen.

in Hoboken, NJ picture by Eduardo Munoz /Reuters /Landov


PLEASE DONATE! Even if it's $10--every little bit helps! 

THANK YOU!!! :  )

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dark Side of the Moon

I am currently obsessed with Free People's collection, "Dark Side of the Moon." It perfectly embodies what I'm experiencing with this fall season---a dark, mysterious but exciting feeling. Also, the gorgeous Laura, from Roots and Feathers made this Etsy treasury list called "Black River," that also completely falls into line with how I'm feeling, check both out. I have always loved autumn but this time around it's a different mood, one I'm really enjoying and sinking in to.
 Here's some pictures of recent things I pinned on Pinterest to go with that mood and a song by Warpaint as well that I feel fits it nicely.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Sunday, September 23, 2012

official end of summer/beginning of autumn fun!

I haven't posted in awhile because I've been quite busy! All of the things keeping me busy though have been so much fun! It's all catching up to me now because I have a silly cold, so today I'm taking it easy and taking care of myself as best I can. So while I'm recovering I thought I'd do an update post with many pictures :  )
First group of pics is from apple picking (the beginning of fall fun!) with my friends and my love....
apple orchard 



friends and beau

sweet juicy taste of fall!

I took so many pictures I had to condense them in this post but here are a few more from the farm around the corner from the apple orchard.

love this one!  : ) : ) : )

enjoying some cider and chili

apple cider donuts! yum!

in the car pre-show
Then during the week I went to see Florence and the goodness, can she sing!!!! She was absolutely amazing! Had a fun time despite the torrential downpour haha but it was super fun to play in the rain :  )
Molly, Greg and I ready for the show! 

and finally, two small blurry pictures from Farm Aid yesterday--an amazing, awesome, event to raise money to help small family farms around the U.S. ---It was organized by Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp ( though the board members also include Neil Young and now Dave Matthews too) and it was created in '85 it's 27 years running and running strong! We saw great performances: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Neil Young and Crazy Horse (!!!), John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson...and more. They really bring attention to the issue of small family run farms that are suffering from bigger corporations and markets that take from their business--which would be slightly ok if they were willing to sell-LOCAL food more and support those hardworking farmers and farms! Anyway, as you can probably tell I'm very supportive of this cause haha I love this idea for the festival and can only hope it woke people up or at least nudged them to buy more local. It's hard to do this in some areas but wherever you can, please TRY and buy locally ---or as Neil Young suggested--at least products from the U.S. but local is even better. End of rant  : ) here's the two blurry pics ( I had too much fun so not many pictures from this) :
Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Willie Nelson

Monday, September 3, 2012

Queen of the Sun

Since I can remember, I've been terrified of bee's. I run like a little spazz when one comes near me to this day. I heard about this movie, "Queen of the Sun" about the disappearance of millions of honeybee's from our country and decided to become more educated about this issue and watch it. I also wanted to conquer this silly fear because I feel bee's do serve a purpose so I must have patience and figure out how to remain calm and more understanding. This movie certainly opened up my eyes and I think if you give it a chance, it could help you too, that is, if you fear them the way I did. I also heard one of the beekeeper's in the movie say that if you practice yoga, which I do, then you are a beekeeper, because you implore the quiet, calm and patience that a yogi uses in their practice when you are handling bee's. I am now looking forward to putting this calm feeling into practice during my next interaction with one or more bee's. I may be stung, I may not be but just like with everything, practice makes perfect and I feel that this is something I need to practice because maybe one day I can help with the rebuilding of what this crisis has done and make things a bit better for our country and planet. Bee's are so important!

Source: via Tracy on Pinterest
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Sunday, August 26, 2012

me time

I had a lot of downtime this weekend which was a nice change. Friday was my brother's birthday and Saturday was Los' family reunion but otherwise it was just me pretty much. I am the type of person who can get lost in thought easily and over think A LOT, so I made sure to have some time for meditation, reading, hooping, enjoying the outdoors and just simply breathing in the fresh air nice and slow. Tonight I finished my time alone by taking a nice long bath. I'm pretty obsessed with my new bath caddy and bath pillow and once i fill the tub with some lavender salt and lavender bubble bath stuff, I'm in there for at least an hour. It's sooooooo nice to recharge and relax and let go of all those silly thoughts that can cloud my head so quickly. I hope your weekend was just as relaxing and lovely and if not, there's a brand new tomorrow waiting for you to have another go of it! : )
family time with my niece and nephew
ready for Los' family reunion --big hair and all

my mom's lovely flowers in the garden 
reading early in the morning

bath caddy from Amazon
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

mellow mood

listening to these here tunes and chillin after a busy day....

side note--loving this pre-autumn weather...chill in the air but not too cold--perfect! can't wait for a fire pit night!